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Customer Service

The Customer Service section is provided as a means to help you understand
your water bill and rates. If you are selling your home or business, please
remember that you need a final reading before you can close on the sale. As
always our staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about
your bill or about getting a final reading.

Go Paperless!

The Plainview Water District now offers paperless billing. Anyone interested in receiving their quarterly water bill via e-mail should contact the office at 516-931-6469 x116.


Category / Charge description 2016 Cost
Water Rates  
Up to 10,000 gallons $ 14.00 minimum
10,000 to 30,000 gallons $ 1.99 per 1,000 gallons
30,000 to 50,000 gallons $2.40 per 1,000 gallons
50,000 to 70,000 gallons $2.70 per 1,000 gallons
Over 70,000 gallons $3.00 per 1,000 gallons

For more Rates, Charges and Penalties please click the 2013 Water Rates and Charges link to the right.

Final Reading
Requests for final water meter readings must be submitted in writing by
completing the water district's final reading request form. This form is available
online by clicking here or the link on the top right side of this page. It can also
be faxed or mailed to you; just call our Customer Service Department at 516-931-6469.

New Construction
The following guidelines are now available to help homeowners and contractors
with having an existing service line disconnected or establishing a new water
service. The documentation is in PDF format and may be viewed online by
clicking the links below or opened and printed for future reference. Please read
all the information provided, and if you should have any questions feel free to
contact the district for help.

Reading Your Water Meter & Checking Leaks
Locating Your Meter

Your meter is generally located in one of several locations:

  • In the basement of your home.
  • Near other utilities, such as the furnace or water heater.
  • Near the curb in front of your home (in a meter vault).
  • On your front lawn (in meter vault).
Reading Your Meter
  • If your meter is located in a locked vault, please DO NOT attempt to open it yourself. Please call 516-931-6469 and arrange to have a technician come by to take a meter reading.
  • If your meter is located in your basement, then you can follow the steps below to read your meter. When reading your meter, include all of the numbers on the meter, including all zeros (This area is located in the section labeled "A" in the picture below).
  • Check your meter and write down the numbers. Save them for the next time you check your meter.
  • When you check your meter again, repeat the process described above and subtract the new number from the starting number.
  • This number will give you the amount of water used in gallons.
Checking for Leaks

Again, if your meter is located in a locked vault, DO NOT attempt to open it
yourself. Call 516-931-6469 and arrange to have a technician come by to check
your meter for leaks.

An appointment can be scheduled for a time when you are either at home or at work.

If your meter is located in your basement then you can follow the steps below to look for a leak.

  • Turn off all the taps in your house and do not use any water.
  • Then, use one of the following two techniques to check for leaks.
  • Using the "Low Flow Indicator," labeled "B" in the picture above.
If the Low Flow Indicator is moving and no water is being used in your home,
then this is an indication that there is a leak on your side of the meter. Refer to
Fixing Leaks
  • Using "Test Dial," labeled "C" in the picture above. Note the position of the dial
Recheck the position in thirty minutes. If it has moved and no water has been
used in your home between the times you first checked and when you checked
later, then there is a leak on your side of the meter. Refer to Fixing Leaks

Fixing Leaks
Indoor Leaks and Solutions:

Keep the phone number of a licensed plumber on hand for emergencies.

Know the location of the main valve.

  • It may also be prudent to know the integrity of the main valve.
For example, if the main valve is the original valve, it may be wise to have a
licensed plumber inspect the main valve to determine its integrity and if
necessary replace it.

Toilet Tanks:

  • Most toilet leaks are silent. However, if you hear water running or flushing when the toilet is not in use, this is another sign of a leak.
  • You can determine if your toilet is leaking by putting several drops of food coloring into the tank of your toilet. Wait ten minutes and then look into the bowl. If there is color in the water then your toilet has a leak.
  • A toilet leak may be due to a bad flapper or a "fill valve" that will not shut off.
You can fix a fill valve problem as follows:
  • Adjust the water level lower.
  • Get the fill valve to shut off.
  • If neither of these procedures work, the fill valve must be replaced.
Replacing a bad flapper:
  • If during the dye test your bowl water was colored and your water level was not too high, then your flapper is most likely leaking and should be replaced.
Outdoor Leaks and Solutions:
If the pressure suddenly drops, this may be a sign of a leak.
Here are a few causes of broken lines:
  • Frozen pipes, (Read the following to prevent Frozen Pipes)
  • Tree roots
  • Sharp rocks.

Go Paperless!

Good for You,
Good for the Environment!
Click here for more information.

Online Bill Pay is now live!


Forms & Downloads

2016 Water Rates and Charges
Final Reading Request Form
Procedures for New Water Service Connections
Procedures for Service Disconnections

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